Sneak Peek

Ultimately most of the mod has been completed, with the exception of car skins. I’m trying to make them as unique as possible, per vehicle. This also means their visuals (paint properties, flake colour and brightness). As much as I wanted these to be as close to game’s lore as possible, there will be some other game reference easter eggs and throw backs to FlatOut 2.

Carnage Mode (Enhanced):

Secondly I’ve been planning and creating new Carnage Mode events. Stunt events here, have been completely removed. I always found myself skipping them in the vanila game set. My custom events are designed to be more difficult than Bugbear’s events, this consists of:

– AI level maxed out to 90.
– AI upgrade levels higher than the player.
– High (yet achievable) score goals.
– ‘Special’ events on odd tracks.
– Events as unique AI vehicles.
– And much more.

Some other small enhancements throughout the game are in the works. 


Most vehicles will have more realistic engine, shifting, turbo/supercharger and nitro sounds. Originally there’s a handful of sounds for the 4 classes of vehicles, this enhances the gameplay when racing in the pack with the AI racers around you.


The camera in FlatOut UC is bizarrely customisable. This was first discovered when a whole camera setting database entry was found but not used in the shipped database. From there, I was able to make the camera shake while using nitro adding a better sense of speed.

Camera will also vertically ‘bounce’ on the intensity of landing your vehicle when wheels hit the surface. Gameplay feels a lot more modern with the camera loosened up.

Cockpit camera for all vehicles are implemented. Interior textures however will require enhancement as the camera was never intended to be placed inside the vehicle.

AI Profiles:

Since FlatOut 2 the same AI usually finish in the same rank in every race. Lei Bing and Jack Benton being in 1st and 2nd for example.

Adjustments have been made so that all 11 rivals will be fighting for 1st place. This means that all of them will be blocking each other, scanning for Nitro, ramming other racers off the track, and overall being far more aggressive. Prepare for a bigger challenge in your casual races.

There’s a few more things to mention here, but I will leave that for another day. The home stretch is closely approaching.