Weekend Hacks - Driver You Are The Wheelman

Driver is certainly a game that has a few mods here and there. Most the time they are for the Playstation release of the game. Windows release, not so much. A lot of the assets are different for Windows, most noticable difference are the cars. However, there’s many differences under the hood.

Physics in this game for me are very memorable, for quite some time I obsessed over the suspension, it’s just so rare for the drone vehicles to have the same back in the day.
With the life of Chas out the way, let’s see what I was up to.

Bits of spare time I had this weekend, I decided to start searching Driver’s memory.

I wanted to start with the basics, as I wanted to create a fun trainer instead of the usual ‘unlock everything’ or ‘enable in game cheats’. So Driver has quite a few interesting quirks with the way the cities work. One of those is weather. When you choose ‘Take a Ride”, there are only two options “Day” or “Night”, these two options are selecting two different mission files within the /Missions folder which both have weather booleans inside them.
So for example:

mission46.dms which is Take a Ride on Miami in the Day time.


If name is left blank, it will default to ‘Day’, if it’s set to anything else like “RAINING”, “NIGHT”, “DARKNIGHT”, “FOG” then name will have those properties.
Another interesting point with weather is that they can be combined in seperate BOOLEANs, which means the cities can look really interesting like Miami storming in a very dark night.

Upon those discoveries I was aiming to make changes to the player’s car first.
So far I was able to force the player car to jump, increase acceleration, turn lights on/off, enable/disable tire smoke just to name a few.

So far my favourite command ‘Spin player car’ fun to ping the Police away 🤣

Hoping to find more interesting/fun things.

Trainer will be coming soon.