Changes to Facebook Page Messaging

Short message update here.

I have been getting a pretty big influx of messages on my Facebook page asking questions on how to do certain hacks for Vigilante 8 2nd Offense.

Most of these questions are relating on some videos I created a year or two ago.
Many of those hacks were in ‘float’ addresses, which means they change every time the game is restarted. Therefore, I cannot give clear instructions on how to get the desired effect in my older videos.

The videos I get asked about would involve me creating tutorial videos on how to do the hacks in question. To all be honest with you all, I simply don’t have the time and or energy to create tutorial videos any more – let alone finding new hacks for Vigilante series. At the time of making all those videos I wasn’t in a full-time job, and my whole day involved memory editing Vigilante series. Some hacks even taken days to complete even without making them into a video with the amount of editing I did in them.

Having said all that, I have decided to turn off private messaging on my Facebook page.

You can all still contact me on my Discord channel. I will reply to your comment when I get a chance and usually if I don’t reply my good buddy TITAN will forward your message to me personally.

Hopefully you can all understand my decision.