Year 2020, inactivity in a non-stop time. Cheers COVID-19

If a world wide pandemic wasn’t enough, well I can say that my life has progressed – I’m now engaged to the love of my life and we are now living together.

So what that mean for my projects you’re asking? 

I often get messages, asking about progress on FlatOut Ultimate Carnage Extended Mod.
With nothing but apologies I have not been able to make any more progress, since the last update. Having said that I have made multiple backups of the project to return at a later date. Rest assured that the project has not died.

Life just gets in the way of personal projects, just like many who have project cars and they end up sitting in the garage for years untouched. It happened with my father and now I can see why that was the case.

Hopefully sometime this year I can actually get the ball rolling again.

Anyhow, I’m more active online at Instagram and Twitter. Also they have been added to the Social menu above.

Lastly, everyone of you please stay safe!