Vigilante 8 Repo Announcement

 “Let the Invasion begin!”

With some surprise one of the 4 Luxoflux developers commented on one of my videos on YouTube who asked me to join a Discord server which is hosted by another Australian and Vigilante player “Real Down Under”.

Once I joined the Discord server I was very much welcomed by all the active server members. Thanks to those guys!

With some small discussions about Vigilante 8 content, we all decided that instead of making a bunch of links and throwing them into a Discord channel. That a repo with content would be the better way to go.

As I have a domain, and webspace I decided to host much of the content that many of the members have contributed or sent me directly.

So far there’s extracted Audio, and Assets from the games along with the 2nd Offense Strategy guide in CBR format.

If you’re into the Vigilante 8 series, and would like to join like minded people from around the world, you join the Discord Server through this permalink.

See you there! 😎