Blurᵀᴹ - Debug Menu Enabled Binary Released

Blur was the most interesting racing game of 2010 for me, power ups, licensed vehicles and many of those vehicles were obscure. It’s a game that actually made me purchase a Playstation 3, just so I could play the game online.

I luckily was able to buy Blur on Steam before it was quickly pulled from the Steam Store just before Bizarre Creations were terminated by Activision.
Sadly even though the online servers for the game remained live there was no anti-cheat measures. Any public trainer on the internet can be used for infinite power ups resulting in players spamming the races.

Small introduction out of the way, I present…

Another quick patched binary, this time for Blurᵀᴹ for Windows that enables the hidden Debug Menu!

All the technical changes can be seen in the Mods/Hacks section of the site, so I won’t bore you with those. 

Here’s a link straight to the page!