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Extracted Blur Audio Archive Released

Blur Audio Archive Released

A long weekend, has been and gone but I have finally manage to extract all the audio from Blur.
Extracting the Audio wasn’t exactly easy.
It was packed in serval archives, so it was just the matter of going down the tree – even the audio was packed into individual archives containing 1-14 sounds each!

As many of the sounds used in this game were made in house by the sound engineers, they’re all unique to Blur.
Now you can enjoy all the engine sounds from the Garage UI without the UI sounds going over the top 😊 

Barge into the Blur Download section to grab the archive.

Blurᵀᴹ – Debug Menu Enabled Binary Released

Blurᵀᴹ - Debug Menu Enabled Binary Released

Blur was the most interesting racing game of 2010 for me, power ups, licensed vehicles and many of those vehicles were obscure. It’s a game that actually made me purchase a Playstation 3, just so I could play the game online.

I luckily was able to buy Blur on Steam before it was quickly pulled from the Steam Store just before Bizarre Creations were terminated by Activision.
Sadly even though the online servers for the game remained live there was no anti-cheat measures. Any public trainer on the internet can be used for infinite power ups resulting in players spamming the races.

Small introduction out of the way, I present…

Another quick patched binary, this time for Blurᵀᴹ for Windows that enables the hidden Debug Menu!

All the technical changes can be seen in the Mods/Hacks section of the site, so I won’t bore you with those. 

Here’s a link straight to the page!

Vigilante 8 Repo Announcement

Vigilante 8 Repo Announcement

 “Let the Invasion begin!”

With some surprise one of the 4 Luxoflux developers commented on one of my videos on YouTube who asked me to join a Discord server which is hosted by another Australian and Vigilante player “Real Down Under”.

Once I joined the Discord server I was very much welcomed by all the active server members. Thanks to those guys!

With some small discussions about Vigilante 8 content, we all decided that instead of making a bunch of links and throwing them into a Discord channel. That a repo with content would be the better way to go.

As I have a domain, and webspace I decided to host much of the content that many of the members have contributed or sent me directly.

So far there’s extracted Audio, and Assets from the games along with the 2nd Offense Strategy guide in CBR format.

If you’re into the Vigilante 8 series, and would like to join like minded people from around the world, you join the Discord Server through this permalink.

See you there! 😎

Year 2020, inactivity in a non-stop time. Cheers COVID-19

Year 2020, inactivity in a non-stop time. Cheers COVID-19

If a world wide pandemic wasn’t enough, well I can say that my life has progressed – I’m now engaged to the love of my life and we are now living together.

So what that mean for my projects you’re asking? 

I often get messages, asking about progress on FlatOut Ultimate Carnage Extended Mod.
With nothing but apologies I have not been able to make any more progress, since the last update. Having said that I have made multiple backups of the project to return at a later date. Rest assured that the project has not died.

Life just gets in the way of personal projects, just like many who have project cars and they end up sitting in the garage for years untouched. It happened with my father and now I can see why that was the case.

Hopefully sometime this year I can actually get the ball rolling again.

Anyhow, I’m more active online at Instagram and Twitter. Also they have been added to the Social menu above.

Lastly, everyone of you please stay safe!

Changes to Facebook Page Messaging

Changes to Facebook Page Messaging

Short message update here.

I have been getting a pretty big influx of messages on my Facebook page asking questions on how to do certain hacks for Vigilante 8 2nd Offense.

Most of these questions are relating on some videos I created a year or two ago.
Many of those hacks were in ‘float’ addresses, which means they change every time the game is restarted. Therefore, I cannot give clear instructions on how to get the desired effect in my older videos.

The videos I get asked about would involve me creating tutorial videos on how to do the hacks in question. To all be honest with you all, I simply don’t have the time and or energy to create tutorial videos any more – let alone finding new hacks for Vigilante series. At the time of making all those videos I wasn’t in a full-time job, and my whole day involved memory editing Vigilante series. Some hacks even taken days to complete even without making them into a video with the amount of editing I did in them.

Having said all that, I have decided to turn off private messaging on my Facebook page.

You can all still contact me on my Discord channel. I will reply to your comment when I get a chance and usually if I don’t reply my good buddy TITAN will forward your message to me personally.

Hopefully you can all understand my decision.


Weekend Hacks – Driver You Are The Wheelman

Weekend Hacks - Driver You Are The Wheelman

Driver is certainly a game that has a few mods here and there. Most the time they are for the Playstation release of the game. Windows release, not so much. A lot of the assets are different for Windows, most noticable difference are the cars. However, there’s many differences under the hood.

Physics in this game for me are very memorable, for quite some time I obsessed over the suspension, it’s just so rare for the drone vehicles to have the same back in the day.
With the life of Chas out the way, let’s see what I was up to.

Bits of spare time I had this weekend, I decided to start searching Driver’s memory.

I wanted to start with the basics, as I wanted to create a fun trainer instead of the usual ‘unlock everything’ or ‘enable in game cheats’. So Driver has quite a few interesting quirks with the way the cities work. One of those is weather. When you choose ‘Take a Ride”, there are only two options “Day” or “Night”, these two options are selecting two different mission files within the /Missions folder which both have weather booleans inside them.
So for example:

mission46.dms which is Take a Ride on Miami in the Day time.


If name is left blank, it will default to ‘Day’, if it’s set to anything else like “RAINING”, “NIGHT”, “DARKNIGHT”, “FOG” then name will have those properties.
Another interesting point with weather is that they can be combined in seperate BOOLEANs, which means the cities can look really interesting like Miami storming in a very dark night.

Upon those discoveries I was aiming to make changes to the player’s car first.
So far I was able to force the player car to jump, increase acceleration, turn lights on/off, enable/disable tire smoke just to name a few.

So far my favourite command ‘Spin player car’ fun to ping the Police away 🤣

Hoping to find more interesting/fun things.

Trainer will be coming soon.


Test Drive 5 Trainer Released​

Test Drive 5 Trainer Released

The Easter long weekend is here! This means, for me time to experiment on some quick impromptu projects.

TD5 is a game that hasn’t aged well at all, mostly because it looks horrible back when it released – however it’s still fun to mess around with from time-to-time. It’s also one of those games that was always hiding in a corner at random PC stores when I was younger.

I decided to create a trainer, one that actively is stand alone. No memory tables, a simple ‘click a button to do XYZ’.
I managed to create a simple +3 trainer for Test Drive 5. Of course, me being me I couldn’t make an ugly app. I decided to create visual resources, and sounds for it.

Since it was a quick little mini project for 8 hours of effort, I’m pleased with the result.

Anyhow, if you’re interested in trying out my very first, ever Trainer. You can grab it over here.

Short little notice here: I know many of you are wondering about the FlatOut Ultimate Carnage Extended progress. Since the sneak peek, I haven’t worked on it since. Life has gotten in the way – I do plan to take some leave from work later on in the year and hopefully I can make some more progress on it.

Flatout Ultimate Carnage: Extended Updates

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

Ultimately most of the mod has been completed, with the exception of car skins. I’m trying to make them as unique as possible, per vehicle. This also means their visuals (paint properties, flake colour and brightness). As much as I wanted these to be as close to game’s lore as possible, there will be some other game reference easter eggs and throw backs to FlatOut 2.

Carnage Mode (Enhanced):

Secondly I’ve been planning and creating new Carnage Mode events. Stunt events here, have been completely removed. I always found myself skipping them in the vanila game set. My custom events are designed to be more difficult than Bugbear’s events, this consists of:

– AI level maxed out to 90.
– AI upgrade levels higher than the player.
– High (yet achievable) score goals.
– ‘Special’ events on odd tracks.
– Events as unique AI vehicles.
– And much more.

Some other small enhancements throughout the game are in the works. 


Most vehicles will have more realistic engine, shifting, turbo/supercharger and nitro sounds. Originally there’s a handful of sounds for the 4 classes of vehicles, this enhances the gameplay when racing in the pack with the AI racers around you.


The camera in FlatOut UC is bizarrely customisable. This was first discovered when a whole camera setting database entry was found but not used in the shipped database. From there, I was able to make the camera shake while using nitro adding a better sense of speed.

Camera will also vertically ‘bounce’ on the intensity of landing your vehicle when wheels hit the surface. Gameplay feels a lot more modern with the camera loosened up.

Cockpit camera for all vehicles are implemented. Interior textures however will require enhancement as the camera was never intended to be placed inside the vehicle.

AI Profiles:

Since FlatOut 2 the same AI usually finish in the same rank in every race. Lei Bing and Jack Benton being in 1st and 2nd for example.

Adjustments have been made so that all 11 rivals will be fighting for 1st place. This means that all of them will be blocking each other, scanning for Nitro, ramming other racers off the track, and overall being far more aggressive. Prepare for a bigger challenge in your casual races.

There’s a few more things to mention here, but I will leave that for another day. The home stretch is closely approaching.

Flatout Ultimate Carnage: Extended Updates

A Long Awaited Update

UC Extended - A Long Awaited Update​

Brought to my attention by my good mate || TITAN || that my last mod release video reached over 1,000 views. Thanks to everyone who’s watched the video and enjoyed the mod.

What this means for you is that, UC Extended is still in the works. There’s a challenge here, real life. My new job consists of 5-6 day work days. So the amount of time I have to create content for the mod is very little. I have been doing as much as I can during the evenings when I get home from work.

During my free weekends I’m busy designing assets for the mod, I guess this is my work away from work 😂

So what exactly has changed so far? Here’s what’s new:



1 new paint job.

Blaster XL:

1 new paint job.


2 new paint jobs.


1 new paint job.

Mob Car:

New engine sounds.


Mob Car renamed to Mob Rod.

There’s a little more that has been added, however that will have to wait for another day.

Thanks for sticking by guys, it’s keeping me motivated.

Promise I’ll update more often!