Blur (Windows)

Simple modified EXE of Blur.exe that enables the Debug Menu controls to the retail release of Blur.

As Steam Build is integrity checked and will not even allow executable being renamed, the retail binary is SecuROM patched (by Vitality) as the base.

String “Test.Automation.Master” has been changed to “Test.Automation.Debug”.


    • Retail DVD-ROM of Blur / Blur-ViTALiTY.iso

MD5: A62CCD06F5E0AF3D40853CEA4692BC8A

Extracted Audio from archive “root_streaming.pak“, which sounds of:

  • ENV_%track%.
  • FrontendUI.
  • InGameUI.
  • GarageUI.
  • VoiceOverUI.
  • CarCollisions.
  • CarCommon.
  • EngineSounds.
  • Objects.
  • Pickups.
  • VistaMusic.
  • DestructionMusic.
  • CheckpointMusic.
  • BossMusic.
  • MenuMusic.
  • InGameMusic.
  • InGameCustomMusic.

Note: VoiceOverUI has unused environment Voice Overs.