Extracted Blur Audio Archive Released

Blur Audio Archive Released

A long weekend, has been and gone but I have finally manage to extract all the audio from Blur.
Extracting the Audio wasn’t exactly easy.
It was packed in serval archives, so it was just the matter of going down the tree – even the audio was packed into individual archives containing 1-14 sounds each!

As many of the sounds used in this game were made in house by the sound engineers, they’re all unique to Blur.
Now you can enjoy all the engine sounds from the Garage UI without the UI sounds going over the top 😊 

Barge into the Blur Download section to grab the archive.

Blurᵀᴹ – Debug Menu Enabled Binary Released

Blurᵀᴹ - Debug Menu Enabled Binary Released

Blur was the most interesting racing game of 2010 for me, power ups, licensed vehicles and many of those vehicles were obscure. It’s a game that actually made me purchase a Playstation 3, just so I could play the game online.

I luckily was able to buy Blur on Steam before it was quickly pulled from the Steam Store just before Bizarre Creations were terminated by Activision.
Sadly even though the online servers for the game remained live there was no anti-cheat measures. Any public trainer on the internet can be used for infinite power ups resulting in players spamming the races.

Small introduction out of the way, I present…

Another quick patched binary, this time for Blurᵀᴹ for Windows that enables the hidden Debug Menu!

All the technical changes can be seen in the Mods/Hacks section of the site, so I won’t bore you with those. 

Here’s a link straight to the page!

Vigilante 8 Repo Announcement

Vigilante 8 Repo Announcement

 “Let the Invasion begin!”

With some surprise one of the 4 Luxoflux developers commented on one of my videos on YouTube who asked me to join a Discord server which is hosted by another Australian and Vigilante player “Real Down Under”.

Once I joined the Discord server I was very much welcomed by all the active server members. Thanks to those guys!

With some small discussions about Vigilante 8 content, we all decided that instead of making a bunch of links and throwing them into a Discord channel. That a repo with content would be the better way to go.

As I have a domain, and webspace I decided to host much of the content that many of the members have contributed or sent me directly.

So far there’s extracted Audio, and Assets from the games along with the 2nd Offense Strategy guide in CBR format.

If you’re into the Vigilante 8 series, and would like to join like minded people from around the world, you join the Discord Server through this permalink.

See you there! 😎

Year 2020, inactivity in a non-stop time. Cheers COVID-19

Year 2020, inactivity in a non-stop time. Cheers COVID-19

If a world wide pandemic wasn’t enough, well I can say that my life has progressed – I’m now engaged to the love of my life and we are now living together.

So what that mean for my projects you’re asking? 

I often get messages, asking about progress on FlatOut Ultimate Carnage Extended Mod.
With nothing but apologies I have not been able to make any more progress, since the last update. Having said that I have made multiple backups of the project to return at a later date. Rest assured that the project has not died.

Life just gets in the way of personal projects, just like many who have project cars and they end up sitting in the garage for years untouched. It happened with my father and now I can see why that was the case.

Hopefully sometime this year I can actually get the ball rolling again.

Anyhow, I’m more active online at Instagram and Twitter. Also they have been added to the Social menu above.

Lastly, everyone of you please stay safe!

Changes to Facebook Page Messaging

Changes to Facebook Page Messaging

Short message update here.

I have been getting a pretty big influx of messages on my Facebook page asking questions on how to do certain hacks for Vigilante 8 2nd Offense.

Most of these questions are relating on some videos I created a year or two ago.
Many of those hacks were in ‘float’ addresses, which means they change every time the game is restarted. Therefore, I cannot give clear instructions on how to get the desired effect in my older videos.

The videos I get asked about would involve me creating tutorial videos on how to do the hacks in question. To all be honest with you all, I simply don’t have the time and or energy to create tutorial videos any more – let alone finding new hacks for Vigilante series. At the time of making all those videos I wasn’t in a full-time job, and my whole day involved memory editing Vigilante series. Some hacks even taken days to complete even without making them into a video with the amount of editing I did in them.

Having said all that, I have decided to turn off private messaging on my Facebook page.

You can all still contact me on my Discord channel. I will reply to your comment when I get a chance and usually if I don’t reply my good buddy TITAN will forward your message to me personally.

Hopefully you can all understand my decision.