Vigilante 8 Repository Relaunch

It’s no secret that Vigilante 8 is the golden game of my lifetime. To honour this beloved series, I’ve dedicated time and resources to creating a comprehensive repository.

Initially, my plan was to develop a simple, browsable directory tree, devoid of graphics, videos, and sounds—much like Myrient or the-eye, which cater to fellow data hoarders. This approach would require meticulously organized folders and filenames to make it easily navigable for the public. However, despite its simplicity, the output felt underwhelming and, honestly, laziness would begin to creep in.

Given my longstanding interest in digital graphics, sparked by my love for games, I decided to take a more creative approach. Although my career has kept me busy in a different industry, I’ve recently rekindled my passion for digital design. After many moons of relearning Illustrator, Photoshop, and Blender, I’ve created new site graphics for the Vigilante 8 Repository. Gone is the faux file tree navigation—replaced with a modern hero tile set, which has grown into a massive project within the project.

Vigilante 8, being a series that started back in 1998, presents a unique challenge. The available assets, both in-game and out, are often low in resolution and detail. Stock images of packaging, for example, are virtually non-existent online. This led me to the daunting task of creating everything from scratch.

I unearthed all my physical copies of the games to use as references, meticulously scanning and editing the covers. I then imported these into Blender to create high-quality stock images of the packaging and other promotional materials. Below are a few examples showcasing the extent of my efforts to design the hero tiles, given the internet’s apparent drought of stock images and magazine covers. Fortunately, there are dedicated individuals out there preserving retro magazines, which has been a tremendous help.

Check out the newly designed Vigilante 8 Repository!

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